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By far the best value for any website services we've ever used! The work completed regularly exceeded our expectations. Miso is way ahead of the pack regarding the quality and value of the services he provides. Thanks a million!

Alice Howe
Your Financial Watchdog
avatarMiso is a real pro. Extremely competent with aMember. At first he may seem pricey, but you have to pay for quality (which is the key reason I chose him). His technical skills are excellent, he knows aMember like the palm of his hand. He was superfast in customizing aMember for me, as I am a bit of a perfectionist and I want to do things with great attention to details. He understood the pressure I was under and he was willing to work on a Sunday evening as well just to make sure I would hit my deadline. We even had a final Skype conversation so he could train me on how to use the solution he built for me, and I must say I was very impressed by his courtesy, subject matter expertise and speed of implementation. I could not recommend him enough: he is 4x the cost of other developers, but he is worth 100x!!! Well done Miso, we will work together again!

Danilo Castello
Fitness Vincente
I have personally worked with Miso, and may I say, he exceeded my expectations. He was fast, communicative and followed through on everything he promised, as well as helping me with my picky client who constantly wanted changes. I plan to work with Miso regularly and would recommend him to anyone who wants good, honest work done right!

Pascale Vandenbroucke
Workouts on Demand
avatarAn excellent job from Miso who customized my website's checkout pages with some interactive javascript and some fancy formatting which was way beyond my skill level.

This isn't Fiverr work so don't expect those prices but it was a great value for money and the price and requirements were agreed beforehand, plus the shipped code did everything set out in the brief and a bit more 😉

Highly recommended!

Darren Power
Betting School
avatarMiso is one of the most knowledgeable professionals we have had the pleasure of working with. He not only understands web architecture but how to design strategies for your particular business. In this day and age, you need the peace of mind of having a consultant who helps you innovate while preserving user experience and security. He is professional and responsive and I highly recommend him to any organization that needs a trusted partner for their online properties.

Karen Swim
SoloPR Pro
avatarIn my 11 years online you are perhaps the best vendor I have ever dealt with. Period.

Charlie Page
avatarMiso has been AMAZING to work with - he digs in and gets it done. He has bailed me out on several occasions and gets good work done on time, every time. Miso also takes the time to understand the entire project so you don't end up down a rabbit hole trying to dig yourself out later.

CR Gittere
Service Manager Pro
avatarMiso is a master when it comes to understanding and taming the aMember membership system. He helped us migrate from another membership system and went through a lot of precautions before the actual migration to make sure the transfer happened as efficiently as possible.

On a personal note, he is easy to work with and approachable which is always very helpful and appreciated in the IT industry. We continue to utilize Miso's services and hope to have a good long term professional relationship together.

Asif Rehmani
SharePoint Videos
avatarMiso assisted us on a very complex upgrade from a highly customized version of aMember 3 with an enormous member database to aMember 4, then worked with us to implement a "wish list" of custom features on the upgraded platform.

We hit a couple of bumps immediately following the upgrade, and Miso made himself completely available to address the issues that arose promptly and effectively, minimizing any negative customer service issues or functionality disruptions for our members. We are now working with Miso on additional custom functionality, and I have every expectation that we'll continue to turn to him for all of our aMember needs, from basic to advanced.

Thank you, Miso!

Sarah Wilkerson
Clickin' Moms
The service Miso provided was exactly what we needed. His work was done very quickly, exceeding my expectations. Valuable service since good developers are few and far between. Would definitely recommend him to anyone!

Shawn Pringle
Chat To Text
avatarI was really excited to discover Miso to develop my membership site. My experience ultimately resulted in a great site that has all the functions and features I wanted and more and it runs very smoothly.

That being said, time wise, Miso works quickly, but our timing was a bit off track from the start and there were a couple communication issues, which were ultimately resolved. It was more a matter of adapting and pacing with each other's style.

Miso is extremely patient and thorough. He went over and above my initial expectations as the site evolved a little and he was very flexible about things like that.

I would rate the value and quality of service very high compared with the cost.

I would definitely recommend him to friends and will work with Miso again on this and future projects.

Thanks Miso!

Victoria Gallagher
Personal Growth Club
avatarWhen I was having troubles with speed on my GoDaddy account I pretty much kept it to myself. I was a GoDaddy customer since 2009 so I've had some time to meddle with (and be party to) their updates over the years.

I finally had it when the shared server that I was on happened to have a blip with the DB my installs were on for over 5 hours. Access to all my WP installs was buggered, but my static HTML pages were fine. I have had enough. I piped up about my disappointment on Facebook and that's when Miso invited me to switch over to his 99 Pixels hosting. I was already one foot out the door with GoDaddy so this opportunity looked like a more than a reasonable step up.

I had my 3 WP installs plus all my site files and DBs migrated to 99 Pixels and on the first day I experienced speeds I've never felt before with GoDaddy. Honest to God, it was like a whole new world. I reconfigured my sites and added a knowledge base as well and even with that the server hummed perfectly and my sites loaded and refreshed in a flash.

+ Fast and friendly support
+ Quick and seamless migration
+ More value for your money

What more can you ask for?!

I'm paying a little more for the business account with 99 Pixels, but since my sites are part of my business it was an investment well worth its cost. Thank you Miso for opportunity to test drive your Ferrari web service and I'll be telling all my colleagues about your great service.

Try 99 Pixels web hosting. I can promise you won't be disappointed.

CK Leach
ADL Interactive
avatarMy first exposure to Miso was when he installed a payment gateway for us a couple of years ago when my developer at the time was unable to get to it in a timely manner. Miso worked tirelessly to get it installed quickly and without interruptions to our business. We are still using the same set-up today and it still works flawlessly.

Fast forward a couple of years as my business has grown and we have developed a need for quicker response and higher level expertise. I reached out to Miso and replaced my developer at the time. It is the best business decision I have ever made.

In a very short period of time, Miso has become a valued business partner. Not only is he quick to address any emergency; more importantly, he proactively looks for ways to improve my processes, speed up my site and reduce my costs. How many developers will bring cost savings to you proactively?

His expertise seems limitless as I have yet to stump him and I honestly think he doesn't sleep since he is always available.

Unlike most people in his line of work, Miso is a great communicator. I always know what is going on when he is fixing something. If there is a problem, I know before it becomes an emergency. If the schedule changes because of unforeseen problems, he'll communicate it to me and offer up other solutions. I get very frustrated with developers who tell me the problems without offering solutions. Miso will always have a list of solutions, their pros & cons as well as the cost of each option.

As I said... a true business partner.

Dave McCready
Positive Parenting Solutions
We’ve used Miso’s services for years, and from the beginning he has been a patient, gracious, and eminently capable guru for our company on all manner of web-related matters. It’s refreshing to find someone who knows his stuff as thoroughly as Miso does, and who is able to so competently communicate his expertise and solve problems. When you find yourself in over your head on tech matters, Miso is a great guy to have on your side!

Tod Lancaster
avatarMiso has done an incredible job at building out our website, bringing our vision to life and maintaining the site. He is a very quick problem solver, reliable, responsive and truly amazing at what he does. It was a privilege to work with you - thanks for all of your hard work and dedication to our project!

Stacey Cohen
Room Edit Inc.
avatarI've been working with vendors from all over the world for a few years now, and it's the rare time that I find someone who

A) understands precisely what I want (sometimes better than I do!),

B) charges appropriately without underselling himself or gouging me, and

C) 'feels' more like a partner, supporting my project, than a vendor

When I first encountered Miso, I was lucky enough to find all three in him. Miso is there when you need him, patient when things don't go quite as imagined, very hard working - delivers all the stuff you need (and often more), and doesn't charge you for every small tiny thing. He's as interested in getting things done and building your project as you are. I have no reservations in recommending Miso (and I already have many times) to anyone!

Hugh Comerford
NLP Dojo
avatarWe first found Miso by accident through a third-party support channel. Other users were commenting on how great Miso was with their projects, so we decided to hire him.

It was the best decision we made all year. Miso was quick to help with an emergency programming situation and helped us get our website back up and running quickly. Once the old website was operating smoothly, we worked with him to completely rebuild our site.

The old site was more than 10 years old, with custom programming. Miso researched all of our pages, scripts, and business processes and developed a new, modern, and clean solution to achieve even better functionality in a new site.

Miso works quickly, clearly defines his objectives and carefully replies with questions when necessary to build exactly what the client wants. He even suggests processes and programming that our team did not consider. These ideas that Miso suggested became incorporated into our new website with great success.

We are very happy with the entire process, Miso's communication, professionalism, and skill. Looking forward to working with him some more.

Thanks Miso!

Nick Karvounis
Vegas Auditions
avatarWorking with Miso has been utterly amazing. He transformed my website from one that was limping along to a faster, more secure place that now behaves the way it's supposed to. He solved so many problems, offered suggestions to improve functionality and performance. He told me about products and solutions I didn't even know existed. He figured out answers at times when the solution was not obvious.

I've never had this level of support before from anyone. No one else has even come close. It's pretty thrilling to have finally found such a resource. Miso is truly invaluable!

TG Comics
Miso did a great job in record time. I wouldn't hesitate to hire him again, for a second. What a time saver and very quick and affordable!

Craig Beckta
Secret Affiliate Code
Miso is awesome! He totally understood my project goals and delivered 100% as promised. He worked quickly and had great follow-through. I couldn't ask for better web support with my Victimproof Anti-Bullying Program, http://victimproof.org.

Tom Thelen
avatarMiso came highly recommended when my development company got stuck with a couple of development tasks they needed taken care of fast.

I was thrilled to discover Miso was able to review my brief and come back to me with a proposal that delivered exactly what I was looking for along with a fast turnaround. As a result I am now pleased to consider Miso a valued member of our development solution / team.

Julien Paxton
Frolic Me
avatarWe've migrated our server and hosting over to WiredTree, and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my geeky-little heart. This new machine is a dream and the service has been spectacular. These people are truly amazing! I've never seen service like this from a hosting provider!

Adam O'Hern
CAD Junkie
avatarAmazing developer and a true expert with aMember (both older and new versions). Helped me out with an issue where previous 3-4 developers could not fix anything. Never believe it when a programmer tells you "it can't be done" - Miso will prove them wrong! Thank you again!

Pro Tennis Jobs
We are so lucky to have Miso working with us on our subscription management system. Without Miso, we would be dead in the water. Miso was able to step in to a previously customized aMember system fraught with issues, errors, and unexplained glitches and iron it out to function properly and be more user friendly. He also worked miracles taking our wishlist of reporting needs and creating a slick customized reporting feature. Miso's patience in working through details and persistence addressing our questions and feedback makes him a diamond in the rough. He is an invaluable member of our team and worth every penny.

I would highly recommend Miso to anyone needing help with their website, especially those needing assistance with a membership/subscription management program. He's the bomb!

Marci Shuman
New Buildings Institute
avatarIt was a big pleasure for us to work with Miso. He developed our membership system very professionally and quickly, and he helped us so much with his advice and new ideas, which we highly appreciate! I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a membership website expert!

Pavel Ciorici
WP Zoom
avatarI cannot say enough great things about my experience with Miso. Of all the contractors I interviewed, he demonstrated the best understanding of the project and was accurate in his estimation of hours and budget, plus he responded to all my requests in a timely manner. Miso is also a great collaborator; communicating with him during the project was easy and efficient and his ability to problem solve in real time is invaluable when designing site functionality.

I am definitely recommending his services to my colleagues. I trust his expertise and am turning to him for all my projects in the future!

Ria Sharon
Mondo Beyondo
avatarHe always went above and beyond for me. No matter how full his plate was he always fulfilled my requests in a timely manner. To be honest, I may have been able to get some of this work done for a fraction of a cost overseas, but I wanted to work with people I like, and Miso is clearly in a league of his own as far as his resume, skill set, professionalism and responsiveness go. All of his work is guaranteed to be done flawlessly, and he is incredibly thorough, which I love. I would highly recommend him!

Patrick Burke
eBasketball Drills
What a wonderful experience! After living through numerous hosting services over the past 20 years I'm pleased to have finally found one that has what I consider the top three essential requirements in one easy package - smooth and fast service, great support and affordable pricing. I couldn't make a higher recommendation. Well done!

Mac Titmus
Long Island Surnames
avatarMiso is a reliable aMember expert who has consistently delivered excellent results for our business. I consider him a vital member of our team!

Charlie Sattgast
Scrappers Guide
avatarAt EvD Media, we can't thank Miso enough for his competence, professionalism, clear communication and attention to detail. He not only knew aMember inside and out but he was also able to develop custom solutions to fix problems with the out-of-box software and to nimbly work around our mangled mess of existing software.

He even worked collaboratively with us over Skype during the most critical implementation phase, and left us feeling comfortable that our site was in very good hands. Hats off, Miso!

Adam O'Hern
CAD Junkie


Frustrated with your current webhost (Bluehost, Dreamhost, Goddady anyone?), constant issues with current hosting, being forced to wait for hours on end on chat/phone waiting for someone reliable to take care of your issue only to run into incompetent, outsourced tech support? Or simply not sure what you need in terms of web hosting with all the options available out there so that you are not paying too much for your website’s needs but at the same time you are getting enough resources and support to run your website optimally?

I now offer web hosting and support to all my clients, as I’ve spent way too much time on the phone and email conversation threads with my client’s web hosting companies trying to iron out all kinds of issues caused originally by their default web server setups. Incompatibility with various software, limitations on the server itself, website hosted on a server with 10,000 other customers, support taking 48 hours to respond to the smallest issues – I’ve seen them all.

And in order to eliminate that “trial & error” component of picking the right webhost and right plan, I’ve decided to offer a hassle-free, affordable hosting that will support any and all software you want to install and run on your website and is flexible enough to support any space or bandwidth requirements your website might have. I host all my personal websites on this server as well, including a few process critical ones, so I am in the same boat as all my clients – it is as important to me for this server to stay up 100% of the time without a single glitch as it is to anyone else hosted on it.

Maybe the current uptime stats (last 3 months) will convince you that not only 100% uptime is not only easily possible but should be among your minimum requirements as well:
100% Uptime

It also comes with a 24/7 support, dedicated team of people making sure the server and all the websites on it are online and accessible all the time. Preview the features and pricing below and contact me if interested and/or if you have any specific requirements so that I can craft a perfect plan for your needs.

>>> Web Hosting Plans & Features <<<


* All the hosting servers are housed in a private datacenter facility adjacent to the Chicago Board of Trade in downtown Chicago, one of North America’s largest internet hubs and home to every major network provider.

P.S. – Still think BlueHost, DreamHost or GoDaddy hosting is good enough? Hey, it might be for your needs, but I personally just don’t accept any more clients who host their websites with those companies as setting anything up on their servers takes 3-4 times as long as it should, just because they use their own custom made control panels with a bunch of features that are either turned off, have to be queued up and processed at a later date or simply don’t work properly.

P.P.S. – I highly recommend registering your domain names through someone like NameSilo.com, as they offer you everything you might ever possibly need in domain settings in an extremely slick and simple to use interface, without any distractions (again, ever used GoDaddy for domain names? Ouch!) and at the reasonable cost of $9.95/year for most domains (unlike Register.com and NetworkSolutions.com who charge almost 4 times as much). Oh yeah, and privacy on all your domains is included free of charge (ever been fooled into registering domains at GoDaddy with free privacy option only to discover that a year later you have to pay $10/year for that option alone? Yeah, tough noogies). I would also suggest staying away from hosting farms like PowWeb.com, DreamHost.com, Tucows.com and such, even if they offer “everything” you might ever need in terms of domain names, hosting, etc – you are just asking for trouble and hassle in exchange for a few bucks you think you’re saving. Oh, and needless to say, I probably won’t accept you as a client as I really don’t want to deal with those providers due to quite a “fun” history I’ve had with them.

P.P.P.S. – You might notice that I offer “email only” support above when it comes to hosting, and that might immediately make you wonder why would you even bother with that when other companies offer free phone support where you can talk to a live person about your hosting issues? Good question. I’m glad you asked. The answer is rather simple – because I strive to make my clients’ hosting experience on my servers as hassle-free and problem-free as I possibly can ahead of time, so you don’t ever have a reason to contact me and complain how something isn’t working, how the server is down, your website is inaccessible, etc. I’ve eliminated all those issues ahead of time. And I will give you my direct phone number, if that will make you more comfortable, and you are more than welcome to call me at any time and complain in case your website isn’t accessible for any reason whatsoever (other than you obviously breaking something up yourself) and I’ll get it fixed for you right away. That’s how confident I am that you will be satisfied with your hosting experience and that’s my guarantee to you.

Web Hosting

PLEASE NOTE: I am currently fully booked for first half of this year, so if you have an immediate need I might not be able to help you out. Feel free to send me your requirements though and I’ll review them and get back to you within few hours.