avatarHaving attempted to set up a subscription website with no idea of what I was actually doing, I ran into some problems. After searching for assistance I came across Miso and asked if he would be willing to help. I have to say I could not be happier with the service I received; he was polite, happy to help, super-efficient (even considering I am based in the UK so we had a significant time difference!) incredible value for money and nothing was too much trouble!

Many more problems of various sizes and importance surfaced throughout our correspondence, some of which were entirely unrelated to the initial problem I'd asked him to help with, and yet every time Miso answered my emails promptly, explained things in easy-to-understand terms without being patronizing, and put my mind at ease. Even when the actual companies behind the software I was using could not/did not want to help, Miso found the answers and sorted the whole thing out for me.

I would honestly recommend him to anyone; his assistance and expertise has been invaluable and I would definitely use his services again. To find someone so trustworthy who sticks with something until it's finished without ever once complaining is rare but Miso surpassed all my expectations and didn't give up until he made sure the whole thing was running smoothly for me.

I truly cannot thank him enough - whatever problems you are having, give him a shout as you won't be disappointed. He is fantastic!

Mel Hook
Horse Drawn Promotions
avatarMiso is one of the most knowledgeable professionals we have had the pleasure of working with. He not only understands web architecture but how to design strategies for your particular business. In this day and age, you need the peace of mind of having a consultant who helps you innovate while preserving user experience and security. He is professional and responsive and I highly recommend him to any organization that needs a trusted partner for their online properties.

Karen Swim
SoloPR Pro
avatarIt was a big pleasure for us to work with Miso. He developed our membership system very professionally and quickly, and he helped us so much with his advice and new ideas, which we highly appreciate! I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a membership website expert!

Pavel Ciorici
WP Zoom
avatarI was really excited to discover Miso to develop my membership site. My experience ultimately resulted in a great site that has all the functions and features I wanted and more and it runs very smoothly.

That being said, time wise, Miso works quickly, but our timing was a bit off track from the start and there were a couple communication issues, which were ultimately resolved. It was more a matter of adapting and pacing with each other's style.

Miso is extremely patient and thorough. He went over and above my initial expectations as the site evolved a little and he was very flexible about things like that.

I would rate the value and quality of service very high compared with the cost.

I would definitely recommend him to friends and will work with Miso again on this and future projects.

Thanks Miso!

Victoria Gallagher
Personal Growth Club
I have personally worked with Miso, and may I say, he exceeded my expectations. He was fast, communicative and followed through on everything he promised, as well as helping me with my picky client who constantly wanted changes. I plan to work with Miso regularly and would recommend him to anyone who wants good, honest work done right!

Pascale Vandenbroucke
Workouts on Demand



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avatarMiso is a reliable aMember expert who has consistently delivered excellent results for our business. I consider him a vital member of our team!

Charlie Sattgast
Scrappers Guide
avatarIn my 11 years online you are perhaps the best vendor I have ever dealt with. Period.

Charlie Page
avatarAt EvD Media, we can't thank Miso enough for his competence, professionalism, clear communication and attention to detail. He not only knew aMember inside and out but he was also able to develop custom solutions to fix problems with the out-of-box software and to nimbly work around our mangled mess of existing software.

He even worked collaboratively with us over Skype during the most critical implementation phase, and left us feeling comfortable that our site was in very good hands. Hats off, Miso!

Adam O'Hern
CAD Junkie
avatarIt was a big pleasure for us to work with Miso. He developed our membership system very professionally and quickly, and he helped us so much with his advice and new ideas, which we highly appreciate! I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a membership website expert!

Pavel Ciorici
WP Zoom
avatarWe first found Miso by accident through a third-party support channel. Other users were commenting on how great Miso was with their projects, so we decided to hire him.

It was the best decision we made all year. Miso was quick to help with an emergency programming situation and helped us get our website back up and running quickly. Once the old website was operating smoothly, we worked with him to completely rebuild our site.

The old site was more than 10 years old, with custom programming. Miso researched all of our pages, scripts, and business processes and developed a new, modern, and clean solution to achieve even better functionality in a new site.

Miso works quickly, clearly defines his objectives and carefully replies with questions when necessary to build exactly what the client wants. He even suggests processes and programming that our team did not consider. These ideas that Miso suggested became incorporated into our new website with great success.

We are very happy with the entire process, Miso's communication, professionalism, and skill. Looking forward to working with him some more.

Thanks Miso!

Nick Karvounis
Vegas Auditions


Frustrated with your current webhost (Bluehost, Dreamhost, Goddady anyone?), constant issues with current hosting, being forced to wait for hours on end on chat/phone waiting for someone reliable to take care of your issue only to run into incompetent, outsourced tech support? Or simply not sure what you need in terms of web hosting with all the options available out there so that you are not paying too much for your website’s needs but at the same time you are getting enough resources and support to run your website optimally?

I now offer web hosting and support to all my clients, as I’ve spent way too much time on the phone and email conversation threads with my client’s web hosting companies trying to iron out all kinds of issues caused originally by their default web server setups. Incompatibility with various software, limitations on the server itself, website hosted on a server with 10,000 other customers, support taking 48 hours to respond to the smallest issues – I’ve seen them all.

And in order to eliminate that “trial & error” component of picking the right webhost and right plan, I’ve decided to offer a hassle-free, affordable hosting that will support any and all software you want to install and run on your website and is flexible enough to support any space or bandwidth requirements your website might have. I host all my personal websites on this server as well, including a few process critical ones, so I am in the same boat as all my clients – it is as important to me for this server to stay up 100% of the time without a single glitch as it is to anyone else hosted on it.

Maybe the current uptime stats (last 3 months) will convince you that not only 100% uptime is not only easily possible but should be among your minimum requirements as well:
100% Uptime

It also comes with a 24/7 support, dedicated team of people making sure the server and all the websites on it are online and accessible all the time. Preview the features and pricing below and contact me if interested and/or if you have any specific requirements so that I can craft a perfect plan for your needs.

>>> Web Hosting Plans & Features <<<


* All the hosting servers are housed in a private datacenter facility adjacent to the Chicago Board of Trade in downtown Chicago, one of North America’s largest internet hubs and home to every major network provider.

P.S. – Still think BlueHost, DreamHost or GoDaddy hosting is good enough? Hey, it might be for your needs, but I personally just don’t accept any more clients who host their websites with those companies as setting anything up on their servers takes 3-4 times as long as it should, just because they use their own custom made control panels with a bunch of features that are either turned off, have to be queued up and processed at a later date or simply don’t work properly.

P.P.S. – I highly recommend registering your domain names through someone like NameSilo.com, as they offer you everything you might ever possibly need in domain settings in an extremely slick and simple to use interface, without any distractions (again, ever used GoDaddy for domain names? Ouch!) and at the reasonable cost of $9.95/year for most domains (unlike Register.com and NetworkSolutions.com who charge almost 4 times as much). Oh yeah, and privacy on all your domains is included free of charge (ever been fooled into registering domains at GoDaddy with free privacy option only to discover that a year later you have to pay $10/year for that option alone? Yeah, tough noogies). I would also suggest staying away from hosting farms like PowWeb.com, DreamHost.com, Tucows.com and such, even if they offer “everything” you might ever need in terms of domain names, hosting, etc – you are just asking for trouble and hassle in exchange for a few bucks you think you’re saving. Oh, and needless to say, I probably won’t accept you as a client as I really don’t want to deal with those providers due to quite a “fun” history I’ve had with them.

P.P.P.S. – You might notice that I offer “email only” support above when it comes to hosting, and that might immediately make you wonder why would you even bother with that when other companies offer free phone support where you can talk to a live person about your hosting issues? Good question. I’m glad you asked. The answer is rather simple – because I strive to make my clients’ hosting experience on my servers as hassle-free and problem-free as I possibly can ahead of time, so you don’t ever have a reason to contact me and complain how something isn’t working, how the server is down, your website is inaccessible, etc. I’ve eliminated all those issues ahead of time. And I will give you my direct phone number, if that will make you more comfortable, and you are more than welcome to call me at any time and complain in case your website isn’t accessible for any reason whatsoever (other than you obviously breaking something up yourself) and I’ll get it fixed for you right away. That’s how confident I am that you will be satisfied with your hosting experience and that’s my guarantee to you.

Web Hosting

PLEASE NOTE: I am currently fully booked for first half of this year, so if you have an immediate need I might not be able to help you out. Feel free to send me your requirements though and I’ll review them and get back to you within few hours.